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Jumby Tradition Homeowners donate to Clarevue Hospital

jumby donation   The tradition continues for the Jumby Bay Home Owners Association as the group made another timely donation to the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital via the Jumby Bay Fund on Monday. The donation, which is valued at over forty thousand EC was handed over by Mark Reid, one of the homeowners on the resort island and among the supplies were four fully loaded hospital beds, sheet sets, laptop computers, six chairs, eight plastic storage containers, TV and DVD Combo, twelve privacy screen dividers, two standing fans, and an assorted colors of sharpie pens, paint brushes, coloring books among others. During his brief presentation, Reid said that the partnership with Clarevue goes way back, and he even reminded the gathering that the very same building in which they were standing was repaired and refurbished by the Jumby Bay Fund some five years earlier.       “One of the charities that we have been involved in for many years is Clarevue and in fact, we helped actually refurbished this building five years ago. Last year we were asked to buy a wish list of supplies which we did and this year again in January. The Matron, Dr. King, Allison and a few others put together a second wish list of items they would like for Clarevue,” he said. Candine Roberts, the Superintendent at Clarevue accepted the supplies on behalf of the institution and expressed her heartfelt appreciation at the worthwhile gesture. “We are really really happy because Jumby Bay has come to our aid on quite a number of occasions and we really do appreciate it and I am pretty sure that the patients will appreciate exactly what you would have presented.” Acting Matron of Clarevue, Althea Blair was also on hand for the ceremony and like Roberts, she joined in the chorus of praise and thanksgiving for the Jumby Bay Homeowners Association and the Jumby Bay Fund while at the same time declaring her hope for further collaboration between the Psychiatric Hospital and Jumby Bay.

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